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Residence History

Residence History

Residence history, often associated with address history, can offer a more in-depth view of someone's past and current residences. This can include information that is even more sensitive than someone's full address and should only be used for the right reasons.

Many people will utilize someone's residence history to remember an old address they used to love at years ago, or even the address you grew up in. Others might be trying to remember the address to an old friends house to send them a holiday greeting card. A residence history can help point you in the right direction.

Viewing someone's residence history is not a difficult task, but the information you obtain should be handled with care. You will be given a report that might contain a variety of different bits of information pertaining to someone's residence history or address history.

Anyone preparing to do a search should understand the data they could find.

Full Address List

One of the more important and most commonly viewed parts of a residence history report is the list of addresses linked to an individual's name. The report will provide a comprehensive list that will contain previous addresses and current addresses.

Not only will you get a breakdown of the dates they were at each address, but it will tell you whether it was a residential address, business address, whether it is capable of receiving mail or deliveries, and a brief description in some cases.

There might be times when you have to provide an address history for an application, but it can be tough to remember all the places you've lived or worked at. A residence history, which can be found in most public record searches, can help give you that overview you need.


Evictions resulting from court judgements will also be provided in someone's residence history. An eviction is a legal process that involves a tenant being removed from a property due to either not paying rent, paying rent late consistently, or neglecting any part of the contract or rental agreement.

Not all evictions will result in a court judgements, so public records likely won't reveal situations where someone might've been kicked out by their friend or family member.

The residence history report will show the name attached to the eviction, as well as the address, case number, filing type, filing state, filing department, and whether it was an unlawful detainer.


Where an eviction involves being kicked out of a residence, a foreclosure indicates a failure to pay a mortgage -- resulting in a property being repossessed or sold. A foreclosure is normally the first step in a home eviction case.

Residence history reports will show both foreclosures and evictions, since most will deal with a court case and judgement. The report will give any information regarding the property that is released in the person's public records.

Property Value

When viewing someone's residence history, the property value will only be accessible two people that own a property or have owned properties in the past.

The property value of someone's house will indicate the price at which that property was sold, as well as the current value of the home on the market. Residence history records use a variety of public documents and profiles to determine this information based on the addresses associated to a person's name.

Neighbors and Roommates

This is a comprehensive feature included in most public records and residence history reports that many might be appalled to find. When scrolling through your report, you can view any possible current or past neighbors that are linked to someone.

The report will break these people down by the addresses linked to the search, giving you an overview of the neighborhood and community the person was living in at the time. It will also reveal any possible roommates that could've been living in the same residence as the person you searched for.

For each neighbor or roommate, it will give the name, age, date of birth, phone number, and the address linked to that person.

Nearby Sex Offenders

The residence history report will also do a quick breakdown of any sex offenders that are nearby the person's address you searched for. Again, this can give you a good sense of the type of community the address is in.

Each sex offender will be displayed by their name, their location, the charge they encountered, and it will even show a photograph of the offender. This can be a valuable piece of information when trying to remain safe and aware of your surroundings.

Map History

If you’re simply looking for a rundown of where this person has been, whether that be properties they’ve owned, residences they’ve lived at, or businesses they’ve worked at, a person’s residence history will normally give you a map overview that details all of this.

The map will place a marker on all of the locations the person has been, giving you an easy nation-wide look at the person’s residence history. You can learn more information about each occurrence on the map by scrolling through your report and digging into the details listed above.

How To Find Residence History Online

Searching for someone’s residence history might seem like a tough task or something that’s illegal. Contrary to popular belief, residence history reports are included in public records and are accessible by anyone with a computer. In fact, the process is extremely simple!

In order to get started, all you need to do is provide the search engine located on this website with the first and last name of the person you want to search for. If you’d like to get more specific with your search, you can add in their last known city and state -- this information is not required, though.

By following those simple steps, you can be well on your way to receiving a detailed public record on anyone with a first and last name -- including a look at their residence history. If you’re ready to get started, follow the steps using our resources located on this website!

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