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Lien Records

Lien records can be found online via a simple search engine. If you’ve been involved in a case that placed a lien on your property or assets, there’s a chance that these lien records are available for anyone to see.

Liens that are involved in court judgements and documents are released as part of your public record. These can be viewed by anyone who searches for your first and last name. Doing a public records search on your own name can reveal whether or not your previous lien records are available to others.

Likewise, you can use lien records to do thorough research on a property you are interested in. Not knowing the history of the property you own can lead to bigger headaches down the road, but a public records search can help reveal that information, as well as the people behind it.

What is a Lien?

When you fail to pay a debt in a timely manner or neglect to meet any other obligation, the government and creditors can place a lien on your property or assets. The lien acts as a security interest to ensure that debt is eventually paid off. It’s a cost-effective way for some creditors to guarantee payment.

Liens can be issued by someone if they win a court judgement over someone else and the debt can’t be paid in full out of pocket. The government and IRS can also place a lien on your property if you fail to pay your state or federal taxes.

Either way, having a lien on your property or assets can be present a variety of troubles. Removing a lien on your property can be a long process, but having your lien records available to the public eye can be even more damaging to future endeavors.

What Do Lien Records Show?

When you search for lien records online, it will uncover a lot of information tied to past and current court judgements and property records. Although there will be a lot of information, lien records won’t provide everything. To avoid wasting your time, doing some research to familiarize yourself with what you might find can definitely help.

Let’s take a look at what the most popular lien records will display when a person’s first and last name are searched.


Included in a lien records report will be the location and address of the property with the lien attached to it. Lien records will show multiple addresses if there are liens on different properties owned by the person you searched for, but could also show up empty if no data is returned.

If you would like more information on the address linked to a property or tax lien, your lien records will often come with further information like evictions, foreclosures, arrest records, and other personal information about the person.

Lien Amount

When a lien is placed on someone’s property, it means there is an amount owed to the creditor or IRS that has yet to be paid. When viewing lien records on someone’s name, it will provide you with that amount. This will give you an idea of how much that person must pay in order to get the lien taken off their public record.

Depending on the type of lien, the amount could be $1,000 or $20,000.

Issuing Agency

A person’s lien records will also indicate the agency that issued or released the property, tax, or vehicle lien. This will normally tell you what type of lien you are dealing with, whether it is coming from the federal government, state government, or an outside creditor.

Lien Date

To further the detailed info included in lien records, the report will provide you with the date of the lien, as well as the date it was officially recorded. This can help you determine how old this lien is and how long it’s been on the person’s public record.

Sometimes the lien date can be from 20 years ago, while others might be new cases within the past year. It could take 1-3 months for a released lien to show up on a public record.

Lien Records Are Included in Public Records

When you search for lien records online, you will often be accessing someone’s full public record report. This can uncover a slew of information outside of just lien records. It’s imperative that you understand what you might find before you click “search,” that way you can properly prepare yourself.

Personal information including birth date, alias records, family members, social media accounts, online dating profiles, phone records, education history, work history, and address history can all be found in someone’s public records. public information like bankruptcies, properties owned, evictions, and foreclosures can also be included.

You will also find arrest records, criminal records, licenses, and permits. Of course, you can just skip over all of this extra information when you get your report if you wish to only view lien records. Websites like ours make it very easy to navigate through the different tabs.

How Do You Find Lien Records?

In order to undergo a lien records search, all you will need is the first name and last name of the person you want to search for. By entering this information, you will begin a comprehensive search through thousands of released public records attached to that name.

Many people like to enter a city and state to go along with the name, but we understand this information might not be known. Although it will help narrow your search down and might return quicker results, a city and state is not required to move forward with the search.

Popular belief might state that these records can only be viewed by government officials or those with granted access, but these are in fact public records that are available to everyone.

To make the process even simpler, we have included all of the tools and resources you need right here on our website. For those looking to get started, there’s no need to wait any longer. Start your search for lien records today!