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Arrest Records

Arrest Records

Arrest records can be something we might want to keep hidden from those we meet. These records can uncover some embarrassing or shameful events from a person’s past that can cause others to view them differently.

When we meet new people, whether it be in-person or online, it’s nice to know who these people really are. Many people have a history they don’t want to share with others, much like you probably have some things about yourself that you keep from your friends or family. Still, this is information that should be known, whether it was part of their past or present.

Many people believe arrest records are only available to the government and police officers. In reality, arrest records are kept by the state, city, and local courts and are released as part of someone’s public record. Public records can be accessed by anyone at any time -- and it’s actually a much easier process than you’d think.

It should be known that arrest records won’t necessarily give the outcome of the arrest. Since many people are falsely accused of crimes or are arrested as a suspect and taken in for questioning. Just because someone gets arrested doesn’t imply there was any wrong-doing, so public records should only be used to make an initial judgment on someone -- not an official one.

Arrest records will normally show the basic information behind the arrest, which can include the name, date of arrest, the charge/offense, and the source of the information. Let’s take a deeper look at what this entails.

First Name, Last Name

When you’re searching for arrest records via someone’s public record, it will list any possible arrests that were made on that person. Some sources will provide the middle name of the person if that information is included in the original document.

Since many people in the world share the same name -- even middle names in some cases -- you are going to want to do a little more digging to ensure that you have the right person. Likewise, these records come from the courts and there could be mistakes made in the filing process. Performing due diligence when searching for arrest records will be in your best interest.


Knowing whether someone has been arrested is valuable information, but knowing what they were arrested for is likely what you’re after. Arrest records will display a brief description of the charge or offense they were arrested for.

This can include a variety of things, whether they were arrested for theft, possession of a drug, DWI, larceny, or assault. Again, public arrest records normally won’t detail any convictions that were handed to the person, just the initial arrest is documented for public view.

Date of Arrest

This can be vital information when searching for someone’s arrest records because you’ll likely want to know how long ago they were arrested. Since arrest records are filed immediately and most public records websites are updated every day, you will be given information that could’ve happened as early as two months ago.

If you feel like your friends or family are hiding something from you, or if they recently fell off the face of the Earth, you can search through arrest records to see if they were involved in anything recently.

The date of the arrest will include the month, day, and year so you can properly confirm the arrest.

Arrest Records’ Source

Arrest records will also detail the source of the information, that way you know where you need to go to find out more details -- although this will likely cost you money. Public arrest records only give pieces of information, while the courts can -- in some cases -- give you more details on the arrest.

The source will normally be a city, county, or local court where the arrest records were filed. It could show “Administrative Office of Courts (Oregon)” or “Department of Corrections” -- just to name a few examples.

Traffic Violations

Since arrest records are part of our public records, you could even receive information about other types of trouble they were involved in -- including traffic violations. This will often include the same information as the arrest records, providing you with the name, date of violation, the charge, and the source of information.

Traffic violations can include speeding, running a red light, failure to use a seatbelt, or even reckless driving.

Other Court Judgements

In addition to arrest records and traffic violations, public records can also contain court judgments made on someone. These are normally a result of a lawsuit, which is also kept by the courts.

Court judgments will give you the full name, the address of the person at the time, the court name, the court ID, court address, court phone number, filing type, court case number, judgment amount, and filing date.

How to Find Arrest Records

We mentioned above that it was easier than most people think to obtain arrest records, but you’re probably wondering how easy it is. For starters, you can perform a search with the tools and resources provided on our website. All you’ll need is the first and last name of the person you’d like to search for -- then you’re ready to go!

We do offer a way to narrow your search down and speed up your search results. Since there are so many people out there with the same name, you might want to add the last known location of the person -- whether that be city or state. This will help your search but is in no way required to receive results.

Arrest records can contain sensitive information, so make sure you are viewing them for the right reasons. Many people make mistakes that don’t necessarily tell their entire story. Likewise, many people are trying to forget these past events to move onto better things. Arrest records shouldn’t be used to ridicule anyone and shouldn’t be used illegally.

If you’re ready to start your arrest records search, head over to the search engine on our website and type in the first and last name. We hope you find what you’re looking for!

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