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Address History

Address history records are public pieces of information that can be viewed by anyone online. This can provide you with the necessary info to verify someone's identity or recollect a location you've visited previously. You'd be surprised at what you can find out by viewing a person's address history via a public record search.

When browsing through someone's address history, you'll want to familiarize yourself with what you're looking at and confirm that you're viewing it for the right reasons. These searches will produce real addresses that are linked to a person's first and last name that are retrieved through a variety of outlets, documents, profiles, and accounts.

Despite popular belief, an address history among other public records can be viewed by more than just the government.

With so much to learn from someone's address history, let's take a look at the goodies you'll come across during your search. That way you can be prepared before you dive in.


This is a cool feature that will give you a brief rundown of locations your search target has lived at. With the classic push pin on the map visual, you can easily see the cities and states that they've resided in -- both past and present.

The map will also include places that the person was known to be an employee or own a business. This powerful map can give you that quick overview you need to help verify you have the right person.

Full Address

Address history records will break down every address that the person you've searched for has lived at in the past. This will include both rentals and owned property, both apartments and homes.

It will include the full address including street number, road name, apartment number, suite number, city, state, and zip code. This can be sensitive information and shouldn't be used in any criminal way.

Although the full address will normally be enough for most people, address history records show even more.


As you scroll through the address history report, you'll see that they separate the different addresses by the date they were known to be located there. For example, it will state "Jul 15, 2011 - Jul 25, 2013" by each address.

This can help you further narrow down when they moved into each residence and when they were either evicted or moved out. You can use this to match up a timeline of places they've lived at.

These dates can be pulled from social media accounts, court judgements, and other outlets that release this information publicly.


A person's address history will also display how each address was used by the person. The most common usage type will likely be residential, meaning they loved at that spot. This will often mean a house, apartment, or condo.

The other usage type you are likely to see is business. This can either signify a place they've worked at or a business they've owned. This can help you verify if someone claims to be a business owner or owner of a house.

Address history reports can also show investment properties, meaning they could own it yet not live there. These are things to keep in mind when viewing someone's address history.


Included in the address history will be postal information. Having the address is good, but if you plan on sending mail or boxes then you'll want to make sure it's a property that can receive them.

An address history will give you a yes or no answer on whether an address can receive mail or not. This will include hand mail that is put inside a mailbox. It will also give you a yes or no answer on whether it can receive deliveries. This might include larger boxes and FedEx or UPS deliveries.

If you've lost someone's address and have no means of getting it back, viewing someone's address history can help you find the right address when trying to send them something through the mail. This can help you stay diligent come holidays or birthdays for families and friends.


To bring the address history full circle, they will display a brief description of each address. This will only occur for addresses that have enough information in public records to display a description.

For example, one address might say " 1 office, 96 units" and another might say " 1 office, 193 apartments." Using the usage type, you can verify whether the address is linked to an office, business suite, apartment, a home complex.

How Do You Find Address History Online?

Many people assume these records should only be accessible to the government and people with the proper permission to obtain this information. In reality, these are public records that anyone can view at any time.

Accessing this information is extremely simple. If you have the first and last name of the person you're looking for, you can start the process right away. Including the city and state that they were last located in can help to further narrow your search down, but it won't be required to begin a search.

You should be aware that starting a search for someone's address history might bring back a variety of other results attached to their public records. This can include information you might not be prepared to see, so making sure you fully understand the extent of what you're receiving can be beneficial to your search.

In addition to address history, a public record can include alias records, phone records, email addresses, social media accounts, online dating profiles, birth records, arrest records, bankruptcies, tax liens, property liens, and much more.

They can even include possible family members, neighbors, roommates, and sex offenders in their known area.

Viewing public records can be an effective tool for a lot of different situations, including the need for someone's address history. If you're ready to start your search today, you can do so right here on our website.

Just enter the first and last name into the boxes and you're ready to go!